Rachel Gibson – Truly Madly Yours

Truly Madly Yours: Nick Allegrezza and Delaney Shaw

Set in small town Truly, Idaho is too small for both Nick Allegrezza and Delaney Shaw! When Delaney moves to Truly with her mom to marry the big man in town Harry who is Nick’s biological father.  Harry refuses to recognize Nick as his son but adopts Delaney as his own daughter. Delaney is not so sure that she got the better end of that bargain; Harry is incredibly difficult to live with and expects nothing less than perfect! Growing up Nick terrorizes Delaney until one summer when Delaney is 18, suddenly their fighting turns into more and Harry catches them.  He ships Delaney off to college early, suddenly feeling freedom for the first time in her life Delaney goes wild and takes off to never set foot in Truly again, well until Harry passes on and she goes home for the funeral. Contrary even in death Harry sets his wills so that Delaney can’t leave Truly for one year or she wont inherit the millions he left her.  Now all of the sudden Nick and Delaney are stuck in the same small town once more and it’s still not big enough for the two of them. !  Nick and Delaney hate each other as well as they love each other but are millions in land and cash enough incentive for these two to work things out to the wills satisfaction?

This book is seriously hilarious at least it is to me. J I laughed through most of the book!  Nick and Delaney give as good as they get and the back and forth between the two is highly amusing! Delaney is a woman who knows who she is and is not willing to lose that even for her mother. She has come a long way and worked hard to be comfortable with who she is. She has a very sarcastic sense of humor and I can definitely relate. Nick is the consummate “bad boy” from the leather jacket, bad attitude right down to the motorcycle, but what you don’t expect is the slightly venerable side of the man whose own father didn’t want him.  It us very touching to see this “bad boy” with a softer side as well. If you have not already read Rachel Gibson I suggest you start immediately. J

5 orchids out of 5

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