Rachel Gibson – Simply Irresistible

Seattle Chinooks Hockey:

Book 1:
Simply Irresistible: John Kowalsky and Georgeanne Howard

This is your first look into the Seattle Chinooks Hockey team.  John Kowalsky is THE bad boy of hockey; his life is spiraling out of control.  Georgeanne Howard is a charm school graduate and a true southern belle.  When she meets Virgil Duffy the much older, billionaire owner of the Chinooks she agrees to be his wife.  Last minute Georgeanne leaves Virgil at the altar.  John see’s a young beautiful woman in a tight short dress in the need of a ride, so he tells her to hop in, not knowing that it’s his boss’s runaway bride.  Once he does find out that it’s his boss’s intended bride he tries to stay away but loses that fight!  They spend a fantastic weekend together and Georgeanne believes herself in love, but John has other plans and drops her at the airport thinking he’ll never see her again.   Until seven years later and he sees her at a charity benefit and can’t believe his eyes and is instantly attracted once more, he can’t seem to resist her lush curves and long legs.  Georgeanne is horrified to see John again, he is the very last person on earth she wants to see again!  John tracks Georgeanne down and gets the surprise of his life and a starts a war of wills and hearts…

What woman doesn’t want a tall, handsome, rich, hard bodied hockey player?  Georgeanne that’s who!  He hurt her once so there is no way she is going to trust him and let him hurt her again.  At first you will watch Georgeanne and John circle around each other taking shots at one another but the sexual tension increases until it explodes and implodes. The sparks fly in this book.

5 orchids out of 5

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