Johanna Lindsey – A Heart So Wild

A Heart So Wild: Chandos and Courtney Harte
The year 1873, Kansas territory:
Courtney and her Step-Mother were stranded in Kansas 4 years earlier after an Indian attack where her father was presumed dead, his body was never found and the other men were brutally killed for their transactions against the Comanche. In that same attack Courtney’s life was spared by one of the fearsome Comanche warriors.  Now four years later Courtney is still in Rockley, Kansas working in the local hotel when a disturbing and compelling man comes through town and saves her from a horrible fate. Chandos spared Courtney’s life four years earlier (although she does not know that was him) in his and his fellow warriors attack against the farmer that was participated in raid that left his mother and young sister brutally raped and murdered. Now four years later he is still thinking about his cat eyes when he is compelled to stop through Rockley, Kansas to see if she is still there. Courtney has grown into a beautiful young woman that most of the men of Rockley are pursuing, that same beauty causes Chandos to have to save her once more from a gunslinger who tries to take her. Later that evening Courtney sees a newspaper from Waco, Texas where she sees a picture of her father that she thought was dead.  Courtney begs Chandos to take her to Texas, she figures he saved her once so he would be perfect to take her 100’s of miles across hostile territory. Chandos very reluctantly agrees to take her against his better judgment. So begins these two’s journey across 100’s of miles of desert and Indian Territory where they are followed/attacked by bounty hunters, gunslingers, Indians, and wildlife!

Chandos has been thinking about his cat eyes for four years, now he knows her name is Courtney. The once girl that reminded him of his sister so he spared his life has now turned into a beautiful young woman. He is cursing himself for ever agreeing to take her to Waco, Texas the one place he told himself he would never return to, there is someone there that he never wants to see again.  They are not long into their journey when Chandos realizes he is never going to be able to keep his hands off of Courtney for the duration of this journey but damnit he sure is going to try. Chandos is haunted by his mother and sisters spirits, they cannot rest until they are avenged and he will not rest until he has gotten that revenge which is what he was working on when he agreed to take Courtney to Texas. Two men left and finally his mother and sister will be at peace…

Courtney has been stuck in the god awful cow town of Rockley, Kansas for too long! Now that there is a possibility that her father is alive there is no way she is not going to go after him. Courtney knows Chandos the strange man that saved her life would be the perfect person to escort her to Waco; he has already shown that he can protect her if the need arises. What she doesn’t realize is who is going to protect her from him?! They are not long into their journey when Courtney realizes just how wildly attracted to Chandos she is and if he doesn’t touch her soon she just might die if the journey doesn’t do it first. The journey to Waco was not a peaceful one, it was very turbulent but Chandos was always there to protect her, in the process he just may have stolen her heart.

I adore this book! It is one of my all-time fav’s! Courtney retains some of her insecurities from when she was younger as a rather plump child, even though is quite beautiful now. I think that this really helps to make Courtney real, every women has insecurities so it is something that anyone can relate to. Chandos is that tall, dark, intense, strong silent type that is every woman’s down fall. That man you love to hate and you know you should stay away from but like a moth to the flame there you are caught up in the whirlwind. These two together are perfect and intense; you will be caught up in the journey with them. There is enough action that you will never be bored.

5 orchids out of 5


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